Hospitals take hand hygiene seriously, but sometimes, when it gets really busy, people may not clean their hands as often as we should. Working alongside the University of Cardiff, the Savi proposition is a hand sanitising device that was designed to monitor hand hygiene and in turn prevent unnecessary infection.

Savi is a simple system that monitors and encourages hand hygiene compliance. It comprises of a dynamo powered soap dispenser unit with an integrated proximity-sensor that links with a user worn indicator badge. The system tracks hand-sanitising use, allowing doctors and nurses to see their usage reports indicating when are where they could improve. The system is visible to both healthcare workers and patients in real-time, thus encouraging patient empowerment in the healthcare process.



The product was designed, developed and prototyped to meet key regulatory standards so the equipment could be used for a live clinical trial at a major UK hospital. Beyond functionality, to design a product that was unobtrusive in the healthcare space, whilst being immediately obvious in clinical areas and many public areas of a hospital was imperative.

Design Studio | Designworks Windsor
Client | University of Cardiff