Pixl Product Design

Innovative Tech

The PiXL characters were born from a simple concept. How can we create a fun product that will in turn help to teach our children about future techology?

Children are growing up in a changing world where digital interaction is now part of many aspects of life, from brushing your teeth to ordering a pizza. As a result of this, schools are introducing programming classes for children as young as 5. This trend has extended to toy design and what better way for a child to learn than through fun and social interaction. The concept behind PiXL was developed to allow children to observe, create and upload simple animations to their characters.

Pixl App Design

Digital APP development

Working closely with the client, a simple digital design language was developed to ensure that the product would be easy to use. The content and number of interactions were kept to a minimum to ensure a straightforward user journey.

Children can create animations on the PiXL app, and upload them in an innovative, cable-free way. Simply by holding the PiXL character against the screen, a series of flashes are read by a light sensor on the character’s back.

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Pix Character - Industrial Design
Pixl Character Design