Inari 6 Peak



The Aava Inari 6 POS solution was designed for retailers and consumers alike. Not only to offer a solution that would drive revenue, but also to provide a meaningful customer experience above and beyond simply going through a payment process. It offers a portable, countertop device that provides retailers a fast, easy to use and also secure pay-and-go service, which is crucial for any business.


Purposeful design

Focusing on a design brief to achieve an integrated product, the Inari 6 accommodates a versatile dual screen display to elevate the consumer experience. During the design phase, numerous product arrangements were explored to create a product that allows various different payment terminals to be integrated for ultimate retailer adaptability.

To sit comfortably in the hand, multiple prototypes were developed to create a product which balanced so naturally that it would be a joy to use for both retailers and consumers. Beyond this, the product was refined so that it could not only stand being dropped from 1.50m, but was also dust-and water-proof according to IP65.


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