My passion is to design innovative products that people just love to have around whilst creating user experiences that people cannot bear to be without.

WITH OVER 10 YEARS INDUSTRY EXPERIENCE, This website is an overview of my WORK and the services I offer.


Carbon Cans - Product Design


Consumer design

Brands are built on great product design, where they offer products that create meaningful and lasting user experiences.

My passion is to explore the requirements and life-cycle of a consumers needs and to design products that will offer the user an experience that they will cherish.

ADM Shoe - Industrial Design


Medical design

When there are challenges in life, it is often overcome with clever thinking and cleverly thought out product design.

I believe that every product should be designed with a purpose for someone. Whether this be solving a medical requirement, or to provide a solution for the aging population so to meet their real needs and real lifestyles.

Junior Masterchef - Product Design


Toys and games

We are all young at heart and one thing that will stand the test of time is our desire for fun. 

To design a toy is a challenge, but to design it to be fun and to ensure that children, the most challenging of consumers just want to keep coming back is the real challenge - this is where I thrive.